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ONEPROD Accurex™ automatic diagnosis software

Over the years, a number of condition monitoring equipment manufacturers have tried to design a vibration tool with built-in diagnostic software. No solution ever really met the market expectations, because of a lack of accuracy, or complexity of its use. Thanks to its 30+ years of experience, ONEPROD is now successfully introducing its latest Accurex™ automatic diagnosis software (patent pending)*. This easy to use expert system enables you to improve the efficiency of your condition monitoring program by:

  • helping expert users focus on critical cases, thanks to the confidence level indicator
  • empowering the maintenance staff with accurate, automatic & instantaneous results

The ONEPROD Accurex™ automatic diagnosis is already embedded in the ONEPROD FALCON and ONEPROD HAWK portable devices.

To learn how you can improve your condition monitoring program with limited resources, please read our white paper online!
*patent publication n° 20160041070 available on the US Trade Patent Office website.